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BC’s New Distracted Driving Penalties

BC’s New Distracted Driving Penalties

28th October 2014

 BC’s distracted driving laws are evolving. Though they are not yet as severe as BC drinking and driving laws, they are clearly getting tougher. New changes to the Motor Vehicle Act will see those behind the wheel receiving larger fines for touching their cell phones, GPS, or any other electronic devices that are not factory-installed in their car. In addition to the fines, distracted driving penalties may now include demerit points.  Those that view the […]Read More

The Effective Use of Fingerprint Evidence by Criminal Defence Lawyers

The Effective Use of Fingerprint Evidence by Criminal Defence Lawyers

14th October 2014

Fingerprint evidence is a critical piece of many criminal investigations and prosecutions in British Columbia. While fingerprint evidence is generally considered to be extremely reliable, an effective criminal lawyer defending charges in Surrey, Vancouver or elsewhere, may rely on such evidence, or challenge it, in their client’s defence. The reliability of this evidence is based on the fact that a person’s “friction ridge patterns” (the swirled ridges on their fingertips) stay the same over their […]Read More

Trinity Western Law School’s “Christian Covenant” and the BC Law Society

Trinity Western Law School’s “Christian Covenant” and the BC Law Society

28th September 2014

Trinity Western University Law School which is due to open in 2016, has come under fire because of the “Christian covenant” TWU students must sign. The covenant states that sexual relations are to be only between a man and a woman who are married. Surrey criminal lawyer, Michael Shapray, of Stern Albert Shapray & Associates gives an update on News 1130 on the current legal status and the upcoming binding BC Law Society referendum on […]Read More

Domestic Violence Charges in the NFL

Domestic Violence Charges in the NFL

21st September 2014

Surrey criminal lawyer, Michael Shapray of Stern Albert Shapray and Associates is interviewed on News1130 on the recent high profile domestic violence cases involving NFL players. Are high profile cases treated differently? Should the San Francisco 49ers be letting Ray McDonald play while the legal issues play out?Read More


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